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  • [时事新闻] 迎接中国的挑战 Meeting the China Challenge

    The U.S., Japan and India on Monday held their first trilateral security meeting to discuss security issues in East Asia, and the Washington event is set to be the start of a trend. Beijing is predic

    2011-12-31 编辑:jasmine

  • [时事新闻] 中国12月贸易增长有所放缓

    New trade figures released by the Chinese government indicate the world's second-largest economy is slowing. Monthly data released Tuesday by the Customs Bureau indicates growth rate for imports

    2012-01-11 编辑:jasmine

  • [时事新闻] 时事新闻:中国面临成长的烦恼

    China's exponential growth over the last decade is admired globally, but could eventually come with a price: social unrest.[qh]过去10年里,中国呈几何级数的经济增长让全世界艳羡不已,但这最终可能也

    2012-02-01 编辑:Jasmine

  • [时事新闻] 苏丹反政府武装释放29名中国工人

    Sudanese rebels have freed 29 Chinese workers captured 10 days ago in an incident that had strained relations with China, a key political and economic ally.[qh]苏丹反政府武装已释放了10天前劫持的29名中

    2012-02-08 编辑:jasmine

  • [关注社会] 关注社会:中国内陆将吸引更多外资

    With wages in China rising at about 12 per cent annually after adjusting for inflation over the past few years, it's easy to think that lower-cost countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam and Indone

    2012-02-08 编辑:jasmine

  • [时事新闻] 中加拟共建10亿美元自然资源基金

    Canaccord is to establish a $1bn fund with China's state-owned Export-Import Bank to invest in Canadian natural resources, as a trade mission to China led by Canada's prime minister prompts a

    2012-02-10 编辑:jasmine

  • [关注社会] 关注社会:中国有望成为全球最大黄金市场

    India has for decades been the world's largest gold market, but in the final quarter of 2011 demand tumbled by almost half from a year earlier as a collapse in the value of the rupee made gold mo

    2012-02-20 编辑:jasmine

  • [关注社会] 关注社会中国消费者不再"贪便宜"

    There are two kinds of "made in China": made in China for export, and made in China to be palmed off on hapless consumers at home.中国制造分两种:一种是用来出口的中国制造产品,还有一种是甩给不幸的国内

    2012-02-15 编辑:jasmine

  • [时事新闻] 时事新闻:中国建筑师王澍获普利兹克奖

    Chinese architect Wang Shu has won this year's Pritzker Architecture Prize, becoming the first Chinese citizen to receive the prize, BBC reported.[qh]英国广播公司报道,中国建筑师王澍获得今年普利兹

    2012-02-28 编辑:jasmine

  • [关注社会] 中国楼市冷与热 Boom or Bust?

    A BMW is hardly a sign of that times are tough. But in China, one Wenzhou property developer offered a free German-made car to would-be buyers to boost sales. China’s property boom and bust is

    2012-03-15 编辑:jasmine

  • [关注社会] 胡锦涛:中国认真对待朝鲜导弹发射

    U.S. officials say the United States and China have agreed to coordinate their response to a scheduled North Korean missile launch that has overshadowed this week's nuclear security summit in Seo

    2012-03-27 编辑:jasmine

  • [雅思动态] 中国内地雅思考生人数以占全球五分之一

    中国内地参加雅思考试的考生人数在近年一路攀升,据相关机构的调查结果显示,中国内地雅思考生人数已经占据了全球考生人数的五分之一,并还有持续上升的趋势。下面我们来看看详细内容吧。  今年年初至今,全美新

    2012-03-28 编辑:rainbow

  • [关注社会] 中国扩大人民币浮动幅度获各方好评

    China’s loosening control of renminbi welcomed中国扩大人民币浮动幅度获各方好评China’s decision to loosen some of its currency controls, permitting greater volatility in daily trade from Monday, has

    2012-04-16 编辑:kekenet

  • [雅思口语辅导] 雅思口语:中国考生中的几个口语坏习惯


    2012-04-26 编辑:rainbow

  • [SAT写作辅导] SAT写作高分范文之wrongdoing and sins


    2012-05-14 编辑:echo

  • [SAT动态] sat中国大陆考点有望设立


    2012-05-08 编辑:echo

  • [商业报道] 中国自主汽车品牌欧洲投产

    It might look like just another compact car.它看起来像另一款乘用车。What workers at Greatwall Automobile vehicle plant of Bulgaria are putting together, is China's foothold in the European ma

    2012-05-10 编辑:melody

  • [关注社会] 英国猪走向中国餐桌 比国内猪肉价格低一倍

    Britain’s ailing pig industry will be able to start exporting offal, trotters and other culinary delights to China, the world’s biggest pig meat market, under a breakthrough trade deal to be sealed

    2012-05-19 编辑:kekenet

  • [SAT数学考试辅导] 中国考生需要在SAT数学考试中使用计算器吗?


    2012-05-24 编辑:echo

  • [学习素材] 中国驻英国大使刘晓明在英国48家集团俱乐部春节晚宴上的主旨演讲

    Keynote Speech by H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming at the Icebreakers Chinese New Year Dinner17 February 2011, The Dorchester, London尊敬的能源和气候变化大臣克里斯·休恩先生,尊敬的前外交大臣道格拉斯·赫

    2012-05-25 编辑:melody