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MV文章精选_MV- 可可英语


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  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Westlife - Lighthouse

    Song:LighthouseArtist:WestlifeMV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:This kind of loveIs more than a lifelineFor a man as weak as meWho has noself beliefThis kind of loveIs more than amazingFor a man

    2011-11-15 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 嘻哈高清MV:Megan Nicole - We Found Love

    Song:We Found LoveArtist:Megan NicoleMV Star:★★★★★Style:R&BLyrics:Yellow diamonds in the lightAnd we're standing side by sideAs your shadow crosses mineWhat it takes to come aliveIt'

    2011-11-16 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 摇滚高清MV:Avril Lavigne - Wish You Were Here

    Song:Wish You Were HereArtist:Avril LavigneMV Star:★★★★★Style:Pop RockLyrics:I can be toughI can be strongBut with you, it's not like that at allThere's a girlwho gives a shitbehind

    2011-11-18 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 舞曲高清MV:Sasha Lopez - All My People

    Song:All My PeopleArtist:Sasha Lopez MV Star:★★★★★Style:DanceLyrics:All my people on the floor,party all nightWe want some more,some moreWe're about to turn it on under the lightWe neve

    2011-11-17 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 嘻哈高清MV:JLS - Do You Feel What I Feel

    Song:Do You Feel What I FeelArtist:JLSMV Star:★★★★★Style:R&BLyrics:put your hands up in the airthere’s a girl dancing dirty over theredo you see what i seethe way she moves i just had

    2011-11-27 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Britney Spears - Criminal

    Song:CriminalArtist:Britney SpearsMV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:[Britney Spears - Verse 1]He is a hustlerHe's no good at allHe is a loser, he's a bum, bum, bum, bumHe lies, he bluffs

    2011-11-24 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 嘻哈高清MV:Redd - I'm Day Dreaming

    Song:I'm Day DreamingArtist:Redd Feat. Akon Snoop doggMV Star:★★★★★Style:Dance / Rap / R&BLyrics:[bridge - akon]:shirley temple on ice,she makes it just right,that extra grenadine got m

    2011-11-22 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 舞曲高清MV:Inna - Endless

    Song:EndlessArtist:InnaMV Star:★★★★★Style:DanceLyrics:As I'm going going downI have dreamed a better placeAs the world turns round and roundStart is always in my fateSometimes you go aw

    2011-11-28 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 嘻哈高清MV:Beyonce - Dance For You

    Song:EndlessArtist:InnaMV Star:★★★★★Style:DanceLyrics:I just wanna...Show you how much I appreciate youWanna show you how much I'm dedicated to youWanna show you how much I will forever

    2011-11-29 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Katharine McPhee - Beautiful

    Song:BeautifulArtist:Katharine McPheeMV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:---◎大家如果觉得推荐不错,请不要吝惜自己的支持,在页面下方"顶"一下,评论栏写下你们的感受,有大家的支持,相信我们会做的更好

    2011-11-25 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 摇滚高清MV:The Fray - Heartbeat

    Song:HeartbeatArtist:The FrayMV Star:★★★★★Style:RockLyrics:We're on an open bed truck on the highwayRain is coming down and we're on the run.Think I can feel the breath in your body

    2011-11-30 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Ryan Cabrera - True

    Song:True Artist:Ryan Cabrera MV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:I won't talkI won't breatheI won't move till you finally seeThat you belong with meYou might think I don't lookBut

    2011-12-02 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 乡村高清MV:Taylor Swift - Ours

    Song:OursArtist:Taylor SwiftMV Star:★★★★★Style:CountryLyrics:Elevator buttons and morning airStrangers' silence makes me wanna take the stairsIf you were here we'd laugh about their

    2011-12-04 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 摇滚高清MV:All Time Low - Time-Bomb

    Song:Time-BombArtist:All Time LowMV Star:★★★★★Style:Pop PunkLyrics:From the get-go I knew this was hard to holdLike a clash the whole thing spun out of controlOh, on wire, we were dancingTw

    2011-12-05 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Matt Cardle - Starlight

    Song:StarlightArtist:Matt Cardle MV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:hearts are racing at the speed of lighteyes are opening and rolling rightsinking feeling it’s almost likeit wouldn’

    2011-12-01 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 嘻哈高清MV:Rihanna - We Found Love

    Song:We Found LoveArtist:RihannaMV Star:★★★★★Style:R&B / DanceLyrics:[Verse 1]Yellow diamonds in the lightAnd we're standing side by sideAs your shadow crosses mineWhat it takes to come

    2011-12-07 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 舞曲高清MV:Pitbull - International Love

    Song:International LoveArtist:PitbullMV Star:★★★★★Style:R&B / DanceLyrics:You put it down like New York CityI never sleep!Wild like Los AngelesMy fantasy!Hotter than MiamiI feel the heat!Oh

    2011-12-09 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Paulina Rubio - Casanova

    Song:CasanovaArtist:Paulina RubioMV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:Dark sexy skin, my passion beginsYou're the center of my obsessionWatching you dance in your leather pantsMy eyes see a tru

    2011-12-14 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 嘻哈高清MV:Ramzi - Love Is Blind

    Song:Love Is BlindArtist:RamziMV Star:★★★★★Style:R&BLyrics:I see you all the timeNever see you smileI try to picture what's going on in your mindHe leaves you every nightBy yourselfHe t

    2011-12-10 编辑:volo

  • [欧美MV] 流行高清MV:Westlife - What Makes A Man

    Song:What Makes A ManArtist:WestlifeMV Star:★★★★★Style:PopLyrics:This isn't goodbye, even as I watch you leave, this isn't goodbyeI swear I won't cry, even as tears fill my eyes

    2011-12-08 编辑:volo