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面试文章精选_面试- 可可英语


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  • [面试英语] 面试英语:结束面谈


    2011-11-18 编辑:richard

  • [职场双语] 职场双语:史上最刁钻的十道面试题

    "Given the numbers 1 to 1,000, what is the minimum number of guesses needed to find a specific number, if you are given the hint 'higher' or 'lower' for each guess you make?" -- Faceb

    2011-11-21 编辑:jasmine

  • [职场双语] 求职时切不可问的8个问题

    When they finish quizzing you,interviewers always ask,"So,do you have any questions?"That's your cue to show off your research with queries about the company's competitors,plans for grow

    2011-12-09 编辑:Jasmine

  • [雅思口语辅导] 视频:口语面试Part1技巧


    2011-12-14 编辑:rainbow

  • [快乐职场] 快乐职场:专家教你轻松回答面试的问题


    2011-12-08 编辑:mike

  • [职场双语] HR不会告诉你的10个秘密

    10 Secrets your HR person won't tell you.[qh]HR不会告诉你的10个秘密。[qh]1.If you call to check on the status of your résumé and I ask, "What job did you apply for?" If you don'

    2011-12-22 编辑:Jasmine

  • [面试英语] 教你三大招 英语面试尖锐问题全搞定


    2011-12-28 编辑:Richard

  • [职场双语] 求职建议:不要只想着取悦面试官

    If you're like a lot of job seekers, when you get called for an interview, you swing into preparation mode. You research the company, you try to predict what questions you'll be asked, and yo

    2012-01-05 编辑:Jasmine

  • [面试英语] 求职英语:电话面试你“Hold”住吗?

    Most companies use telephone interviews as part of their recruitment process to whittle down a pile of CVs into a manageable interview shortlist. But many candidates fluff the opportunity to create a

    2012-01-10 编辑:Richard

  • [面试英语] 求职英语:让人哭笑不得的古怪国外面试题

    1. "Given the numbers 1 to 1,000, what is the minimum number of guesses needed to find a specific number, if you are given the hint 'higher' or 'lower' for each guess you make?" —Fac

    2012-01-12 编辑:Richard

  • [面试英语] 求职小贴士:面试八大禁忌

    1. Dress properly. Don't shake hand with the interviewer until he/she extends his/her hand.[qh] 穿着要得体,人家伸手时才握手。[qh]2. Don't sit down until invited to do so by the interviewer.[

    2012-01-31 编辑:Richard

  • [职场双语] 面试官最喜欢问的六大问题

    1.Tell me about yourself[qh]这是面试问题中的经典头道开胃菜,主要考察求职者的个性是否符合公司的企业文化,所以回答时要尽量贴近这个公司的情况来推销自己。比如这个公司属于汽车行业,那么你就该回答:Driving

    2012-01-06 编辑:jasmine

  • [面试英语] 求职英语:十句话秒杀面试官

    面试时难免要让你做一个纯英的自我介绍,一个好的引用可以为你增色不好哦!1.There is no certainty, only opportunity.V forVendetta (2005) - V (Hugo Weaving)[qh]没有一定会怎样,只有可能会怎样。--《V字仇杀队

    2012-02-14 编辑:Richard

  • [职场双语] 高盛教你如何面试:面试背后的故事

    1.Remember: The interview is meant to determine if you're a good fit for the company.[qh]谨记:面试要看的是你是否适合该公司。[qh]The first thing you need to do before the actual interview is figu

    2012-03-13 编辑:jasmine

  • [面试英语] 求职英语:面试官不给力,你怎么办?

    In reality, many interviewers are inexperienced, unskilled, and otherwise unable to conduct effective interviews. But if handled correctly, encountering a bad interviewer doesn't need to derail y

    2012-03-14 编辑:Richard

  • [面试英语] 问对问题:让你的面试与众不同

    面试最后,面试官总会问你还有什么问题吗?大多数人会回答没有问题,或者问一些让你减分的傻问题。其实,在面试中,问对问题,问好问题,往往可以让你在面试者中脱颖而出。看看什么样的问题是好问题吧。A job inter

    2012-03-16 编辑:richard

  • [职场双语] 面试时求职者最适合问的6种问题

    1. Why? Questions like "Why did you close down your parts business rather than try to find a buyer for it?" or "Why did you decide to move to a product-based organization structure?" — which it soun

    2012-03-28 编辑:jasmine

  • [关注社会] 求职面试?交出Facebook密码!

    When Justin Bassett interviewed for a new job, he expected the usual questions about experience and references. So he was astonished when the interviewer asked for something else: his Facebook userna

    2012-03-23 编辑:jasmine

  • [职场双语] 职场揭秘:为什么你面试总是失败

    Most of the job seekersfail in the interviews because they:大多数的应聘者没能成功是因为他们:1. Didn't researchthe company. Didn't know the CEO's name, the size of the company

    2012-04-10 编辑:Jasmine

  • [面试英语] 面试英语第1讲:面试开场白

    今天我们来讲第一讲 面试开场白。面试时总要说上那么几句,一般去了面试的公司以后,里面的接待人员都会主动问一些问题,先来看看下面这个对话吧:A: Can I help you? 有什么事吗?B: Yes. I've come to

    2012-04-12 编辑:richard