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  • [时事新闻] 美国黑色星期五成疯狂购物日

    The U.S. holiday shopping season has officially begun, with shoppers crowding stores for post-Thanksgiving sales in a yearly event nicknamed "Black Friday."The competition for the best deals took an

    2011-11-28 编辑:Jasmine

  • [新片佳片推荐] 佳片推荐:购物惊魂记 While She Was Out

    购物惊魂记 While She Was Out导演: Susan Montford编剧: Susan Montford / Edward Bryant主演: 金·贝辛格 / 卢卡斯·哈斯 / 克莱格·谢佛类型: 犯罪 / 剧情 / 惊悚制片国家/地区: 美国 / 德国 / 加拿大语言: 英语

    2011-12-22 编辑:beck

  • [他她话题] 2012年不买这5样东西你就亏大了

    What will 2012 bring? Economic recovery or a double dip? A new president or … a double dip? Another tsunami? Revolt in Europe? No one can say with certainty. But here are 5 trends that consumers can

    2012-01-05 编辑:Jasmine

  • [留学生活] 爱尔兰留学:购物须知五则

      在爱尔兰留学的朋友们如果想要购物,请注意以下几点:  1、不要到专卖店。买化妆品不进专卖店,买日化品和卫生用品不进药店,买床上用品不用进床上用品专卖店,买肉不要进肉店,等等。总之就是买东西就先去廉

    2012-01-13 编辑:Amy

  • [他她话题] 他她话题:男性比女性更享受购物

    Women are meant to be the experts at shopping — but new research reveals the whole experience leaves them flustered and stressed.[qh]女性本应是购物高手,但新研究揭示,购物会让女性感到慌乱紧张。[qh]T

    2012-02-07 编辑:jasmine

  • [小笨霖英语笔记] 小笨霖英语笔记第7期:购物


    2012-02-14 编辑:rainbow

  • [时差N小时] 时差N小时:市场购物

    Mike: Wow! There's so much fresh produce here. Half of it looks like it was growing in the fields this morning.[qh]迈克:哇!这里有这么多的新鲜农产品。有半数看起来就像是今早在地里刚生长出来的一样

    2012-03-28 编辑:beck

  • [开心一笑] 开心一笑:什么都有,你要买什么?

    A store manager heard a clerk tell a customer. No, ma'am, we haven't had any for a while, and it doesn't look as if we'll be getting soon.Horrified, the manager came r

    2012-04-01 编辑:Jasmine

  • [人人说英语中级] 人人说英语(中级) Unit1 Shopping

    Unit 1 ShoppingUnit 1 购物Tuning In1.Listen to the recording.Read aloud and learn by hear the following 10 sentences.Good morning,Can I help you?早上好,您买点什么?What king do you have in mind?您想

    2012-04-26 编辑:kahn

  • [新闻热词] 新词学习:购物时的"姓氏效应"

    According to a new study, people whose surnames start with letters late in the alphabet may be the fastest to buy. What could possibly explain this weird phenomenon, which the study authors dubbed &q

    2012-06-20 编辑:justxrh

  • [英语口语一语千说] 一语千说第1课:日常生活之购物

    购物1. 词组句型买东西do some shopping, go shopping, shopsentence patterns:next week i will do some shopping.she did some shopping yesterday.shall we go shopping together?when did she go shopping yest

    2012-07-04 编辑:melody

  • [他她话题] 男性购物全攻略:揭秘最潮shopping方式

    喜欢shopping的人大(微博)概都知道window shopping吧?对,就是“橱窗购物”,也就是只看不买。爱逛街的女孩子们肯定都会说这个词。不过,今天我们要说的是主要针对男同胞的,似乎他们平时不怎么爱逛街,就算到了商

    2012-07-13 编辑:justxrh

  • [关注社会] 关注社会:亚洲消费者购物热情减退

    Asian consumers have kept their countries' economies humming while exports to Europe and the U.S., long key sources of growth, have been a drag. Now there are signs consumer spending also is

    2012-08-22 编辑:justxrh

  • [舌尖上的美国] 舌尖上的美国(34):超市购物(中)

    上期节目中Nic为大家准备一大段对话,目的是为了让大家熟悉一下超市口语的气氛,这期节目中Nic将为大家好好总结总结!首先作为顾客来说,去到超市应该明确自己要买什么以及在哪里买。1.We need to buy some beer to

    2012-08-25 编辑:Nic

  • [新闻热词] 新词学习:何为"购物生理期"呢?

    女同胞们有没有觉得每个月有一段时间特别想逛街,有时候又完全没有逛街购物的欲望呢?有研究说,逛街购物的欲望跟生理期也有关系呢。 A study finds that in the 10 days before their periods began women were mo

    2012-08-31 编辑:justxrh

  • [创意生活] 促销季节购物很划算 理智消费更重要

    Jane Furnival (Author) gives expert video advice on: Is it a good idea to pick up bargains in the January sales? and more...作家Jane Furnival为我们提供了专业建议:在1月份促销季节大量购入降价商品是不是

    2012-09-12 编辑:qihui

  • [金融口语实战会话] 金融口语实战会话第1期:商场购物 信用卡付款

    听力原文A:What else, Ma'am? 还要别的吗,女士?B:No, thanks. My husband said, We'd like to pay now. 不用了,谢谢。我丈夫说,我们现在要去付款。A:Let me show you to the cashier'

    2012-09-19 编辑:mike

  • [酒店英语900句] 酒店英语900句 第29章:在饭店购物中心

    891.Good morning,sir. What can I do for you?早上好,先生,我能帮您吗?892.Are you being attended to?有人接待您了吗?893.It is sold by the yar

    2012-09-25 编辑:kekenet

  • [最In导购口语] 最In导购口语 第86期:皮带袜子

    导购口语:Nylons have the virtue of durability.尼龙丝袜有耐穿的优点。These socks are made of imported wool.这些袜子是进口羊毛制成的。This is a nice tie.&n

    2012-09-26 编辑:Jasmine

  • [最In导购口语] 最In导购口语 第88期:围巾手套

    导购口语:Can I interest you in these smart silk scarves?我能向您介绍这些真丝围巾吗?Tremendous work and effort have gone into every one.&n

    2012-09-28 编辑:Jasmine