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走进文章精选_走进- 可可英语


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  • [文化博览] 文化博览:走进墨西哥(2)

    The threat lies off the coast of Arcapoca, beneath the placid Pacific. Anywhere along the shore line, a quake could originate.Here the Coco sanTetonoc plates are forcing their way beneath the North

    2011-12-22 编辑:mike

  • [文化博览] 文化博览:走进墨西哥(1)

    To really know what makes a great city work,you have to ppel back its skin and expose its secret life force.A system of incredible complexity in technology of millions depend on ,but few understand.A

    2011-12-21 编辑:mike

  • [文化博览] 文化博览:走进墨西哥(4)

    To come here,to the stations, With all the difficulties that dealts, to perform magnets, we are motivated because we know our job's important.Not only for us, but for every person who live in Mex

    2011-12-27 编辑:mike

  • [文化博览] 文化博览:走进墨西哥(4)

    The broadcast is cut off, and the television studio collapses, but miraculously that reporter survived. I was given address with my first worry because all the TV stations were off the air was to see

    2011-12-28 编辑:mike

  • [文化博览] 文化博览:走进墨西哥(7)

    听力文本来源于普特英语They were kids, babies, who were under the debris for 15 days without water, without food. And they took him out alive over there, alive. These are miracles that we are walking

    2011-12-30 编辑:mike

  • [文化博览] 文化博览:走进墨西哥(6)

    For the millions without electricity, battery powered radio was the only way to get news. The grief of the entire city found a voice. While one man chronicled the disaster ,another struggled to survi

    2011-12-29 编辑:mike

  • [文化博览] 文化博览:走进墨西哥(8)

    Application here is so notorious, the world's scientists have a nickname for this seismic horror:the Mexico City Effect. In the quest of Mexico city earthquake proof, the shifting earth poses it

    2012-01-04 编辑:mike

  • [大千世界] 艺术狂欢:走进人体彩绘的世界


    2013-07-10 编辑:spring

  • [CCTV9] 带你走进张家界

    带你走进张家界 CCTV-9 视频 新闻 带你 走进 张家界

    2013-12-31 编辑:mike