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女性文章精选_女性- 可可英语


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  • [办公室英语] 职场女性成功秘诀:学做温柔"小女人"

    The findings, which will dismay feminists, suggest the best way for a woman to succeed in a man’s world is to act like a lady. They tally with past research that showed women oozing with self-c

    2011-12-29 编辑:Richard

  • [职场双语] 职场双语:别因为我漂亮而恨我

    Before I defend plainness as a career strategy, let me concede that we should all strive to bel eggy, doe-eyed, and beautiful. It certainly beats the alternative—or does it? For all their profession

    2012-01-16 编辑:jasmine

  • [关注社会] 职场女性怀孕依然广泛遭受歧视待遇

    More than three decades after Congress passed a law trying to protect pregnant women in the workplace, discrimination is still widespread and needs to be combated with publicity and clearer guideline

    2012-02-17 编辑:jasmine

  • [科技新闻] 囧研究:为什么你当不了数学女教授?

    Women are shunning academic careers in math-intensive fields because the lifestyle is incompatible with motherhood, researchers at Cornell University found in a study to be published next month in Am

    2012-02-21 编辑:jasmine

  • [科学阅读] 科普阅读:脱水影响女性的心情

    Mild dehydration is defined as a 1.5 percent loss in normal water volume in the body. And two recent studies with men and women find that, beyond affecting your body, mild dehydration can impact your

    2012-02-29 编辑:Richard

  • [他她话题] 女生最招人嫌的十大习惯:测试你的另类女人味

    Women are the most complex creatures known, they are sweet, charming, but they have different sense of everything, they are the difficult ones to please, yes! Take an example of your mother!女人是世界

    2012-02-24 编辑:jasmine

  • [他她话题] 女人先立业后成家更易患产后抑郁症

    Women who wait to have a baby until after they have established their career are more likely to suffer from post-natal depression, scientists say.[qh]科学家称,那些等事业有成再要宝宝的女性更容易患产后

    2012-03-22 编辑:jasmine

  • [关注社会] 阿富汗版花木兰:女儿当自强

    For economic and social reasons, many Afghan parents want to have a son, BBC reported. This preference has led to some of them practicing the long-standing tradition of Bacha Posh — disguising girls

    2012-03-29 编辑:jasmine

  • [他她话题] 他她话题:女人婚前不可不知的7件事

    The New York Times reported that over half of the births to US women younger than 30 occurred outside of marriage in 2009. Most of the ongoingrise of births to unmarried women occurred to couples liv

    2012-03-29 编辑:jasmine

  • [他她话题] 美离婚"女养男"呈上升趋势

    Tables have turned in US divorce courts with more women paying their former husbands alimony and child support than ever before, according to US lawyers.美国律师称,如今美国的离婚案审判发生了重大转变

    2012-05-14 编辑:Jasmine

  • [职场双语] 职场双语:高处不胜寒的女高管

    Do men and women converge in terms of what motivates them as they climb the corporate ladder?在攀登事业阶梯的动机方面,男性和女性趋同吗?It is a question laden with preconceptions and assumptions –

    2012-05-15 编辑:Jasmine

  • [关注社会] 北美八成家庭女性掌财政大权

    Men still make the most money in the average household, but it's women who control the purse strings.如今在普通家庭中,男人仍然是主要的经济支柱,但女人却掌握着家中的财政大权。While that&#

    2012-05-18 编辑:Jasmine

  • [他她话题] 西班牙女性最会网上调情 美国倒数第二

    Spanish women are the most flirtatious in the world online, according to a survey by a dating website which said the results belie lingering perceptions of a socially conservative country.根据一家约会

    2012-05-21 编辑:Jasmine

  • [职场双语] 帮助女性步步高升的九个诀窍

    Many companies can point to a woman high enough on the food chain to show naysayers that anyone can make it up the ranks of power. Facebook has Sheryl Sandberg (photo left), Google has Marissa Mayer,

    2012-05-30 编辑:kekenet

  • [新闻热词] 女性裙子的长度反应经济形势?

    The Hemline Index is a theory presented by economist George Taylor in 1926. It is an idea that suggests women's hemlines fluctuate and can even indicatemacroeconomic performance. The higher t

    2012-06-07 编辑:Sara

  • [健康生活] 1/5韩国女性曾整容 专家揭整容根源

    Plastic surgery has long been big business in the US, but now the trend is sweeping across Asia.整形美容长期以来一直在美国盛行,而如今这个潮流正席卷亚洲。Figures released by the International Society

    2012-06-05 编辑:Sara

  • [] 北美八成家庭女性掌财政大权

    1970-01-01 编辑:

  • [托福阅读辅导] 托福阅读材料:女性28岁时最幸福


    2012-06-04 编辑:Daisy

  • [关注社会] 女性薪资为何常少于男性?

    Some women who achieve highly enough to get into Oxford University would suffer self-doubt, according to the statistics of the university's careers service.根据牛津大学就业服务中心的统计资料显

    2012-06-13 编辑:justxrh

  • [时事新闻] 中国的太空项目:女性头一回

    THE Soviets waited until their sixth crewed mission, but then did not do it again for 43. The Americans waited until their 38th, but after that it became routine. The Chinese have done it on their fo

    2012-06-21 编辑:justxrh