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  • [听笑话学英语] 听笑话学外语:时间对猪的意义

    【生词预览】rural乡村的,lift举起【笑话原文】What’s Time to A PigOne day a visitor from the city came to a small rural area to drive around the country roads, see how the farms looked, and perh

    2011-11-14 编辑:yongernd

  • [办公室英语] 办公室英语:上司希望你明白的二十四件事(2)

    13. Keep control of problems 保持对问题的掌控Let's say you need some special work done. Don't stop with getting approval. If the other person doesn't follow through, you're left looki

    2011-11-16 编辑:richard

  • [听笑话学英语] 听笑话学外语:妻子生气的后果

    【生词预览】energetic精力旺盛的,cross生气的【笑话原文】An Energetic wifeNeighbor: I heard a big noise in front of your house last night. What happened to you?Husband: It was nothing. My wife was a b

    2011-11-16 编辑:yongernd

  • [面试英语] 求职英语:跳槽的五个好处


    2011-11-14 编辑:richard

  • [英孚口语] 步步为赢口译英语训练营第1篇:初次认识

    Level 1 – 入门 - 认识学生 | 免费英语教程参加Englishtown课程为TOEIC做准备 在课程回顾中查看所有授课内容

    2011-11-16 编辑:

  • [校园口语] 校园口语第128课:笨手笨脚怎么说

    1. butter-fingersButterfingers是由两个字组成的,一个是butter。Butter就是黄油,另一个字是:fingers。 Fingers就是手指。黄油手指是什么意思呢?你想一想,要是你手上都是黄油,你会感到很油腻,很滑,要抓什么

    2011-11-16 编辑:max

  • [办公室英语] 办公室英语:开心工作的十二条秘诀

    Of course, being happy at work depends mostly on how much you like your job. But there are also smaller steps that can boost your happiness, as well. Some of these steps are VERY small, but the fact

    2011-11-17 编辑:richard

  • [办公室英语] 办公室英语:新员工指南

    Starting out on the right foot at a new job can be just as tricky as getting one in the door in the first place. Mary Mitchell, corporate trainer and author of Class Acts: How Good Manners Create Goo

    2011-11-18 编辑:richard

  • [面试英语] 面试英语:结束面谈


    2011-11-18 编辑:richard

  • [听笑话学英语] 听笑话学外语:像夫人们一样的言行举止

    【生词预览】aristocratic贵族的, excess过度,impudent无礼的【笑话原文】Impudent QuestionsA little girl from the East Side was invited to a garden party given by a very aristocratic lady to a group of

    2011-11-19 编辑:yongernd

  • [面试英语] 求职英语:面试英语75个经典提问总结(下)

    五、案例面试问题(Sample Case Interview Questions):25. A chain of grocery stores currently receives its stock on a decentralized basis. Each store deals independently with its suppliers. The preside

    2011-11-25 编辑:richard

  • [听笑话学英语] 听笑话学外语:光着脚约会

    【生词预览】secondary school初中,ask out请某人外出【笑话原文】Go BarefootIn secondary school, I was always self-conscious about my height. Once I was asked out by a life-guard. I had never really st

    2011-11-20 编辑:yongernd

  • [办公室英语] 办公室英语:工作时常用的借口

    A) A list of the typical excuses for not being done on time:My dog ate the report. Oh, you needed that this week? You're not the boss of me. Put it on the pile, I'll get to it whenever.一些在

    2011-11-21 编辑:richard

  • [面试英语] 求职英语:等待梦想中的工作

    With job searches taking longer, there are more jobseekers bumping up against their severance deadline (or their own mental deadline that tells them they should have found a job by now).[qh]随着找工作

    2011-11-21 编辑:richard

  • [听笑话学英语] 听笑话学外语:亲情提醒

    【生词预览】freshman新生,in advance提前,warn预告, disarray混乱【笑话原文】Warning Several weeks after our son began his freshman year at Alma College in Michigan, my husband and I decided to visit

    2011-11-25 编辑:yongernd

  • [听笑话学英语] 听笑话学外语:医生比你懂的多

    【生词预览】cab出租车,hit碰撞【笑话原文】Knows BetterA man was hit by a cab in the street. He was brought to the hospital. His wife who was standing up by his bed, said to the doctor:"I think that h

    2011-11-27 编辑:yongernd

  • [办公室英语] 办公室英语:赚钱的七条不败定律

    Some business advice changes all the time, but there's also some advice that's relevant and useful no matter what year it is, or what business you're in.商业忠告始终在变,但是有些忠告无论

    2011-11-28 编辑:richard

  • [面试英语] 求职英语:应聘询问面试结果常用句型


    2011-11-28 编辑:richard

  • [六级写作辅导] 2011年12月英语四六级考试写作佳句仿写(2)

      11. One of the pressing problems facing our nation (China) today is overcoming disparities in urban and rural income levels.  我们国家(中国)如今面临的紧迫问题之一是克服城乡收入水平之间的差距。 

    2011-11-21 编辑:Daisy

  • [听笑话学英语] 听笑话学外语:被惩罚的原因

    【生词预览】exclaim惊叫【笑话原文】Reason of the PunishmentOne day a little girl came home from school, and said to her mother, Mommy, today in school I was punished for something that I didn't d

    2011-11-21 编辑:yongernd