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可可茶话会文章精选_可可茶话会- 可可英语


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  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会第87期:头脑风暴

    一、边听边学 Listen and Learnthink up[qh]发明,创造[qh]brainstorm[qh] 奇思妙想[qh]take the plunge[qh]下定决心做某事[qh]try something out尝试jump the gun 提早做kick something around 研商,考虑take ove

    2011-11-14 编辑:Canace

  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会:光棍节特别节目


    2011-11-11 编辑:kekenet

  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会第88期:在第七层天上

    一、边听边学 Listen and Learnin seventh heaven 非常快乐have one’s head in the clouds 忘乎所以make a hit 顺利knock one dead 非常惊讶mean business 认真hand it to someone 认同stick to one’s

    2011-11-20 编辑:Canace

  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会第91期:我就要升职了

    一、边听边学 Listen and Learnpull someone’s leg 欺骗,愚弄work one’s fingers to the bone 努力工作give someone a break 给予机会look up 改善take on 承接get in the swing of things 适应环境le

    2011-12-04 编辑:Canace

  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会第90期:他是顶尖的

    一、边听边学 Listen and Learnbrain 聪明的人stand 忍受,喜欢rub one the wrong way 惹恼,妨碍on the ball 认真做好have one’s feet on the ground 实际的,稳重的,敏锐的keep one’s nose to the g

    2011-11-30 编辑:Canace

  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会第92期:舒适的生活

    一、边听边学 Listen and Learnlive high off the hog 舒适的生活strapped 手头没钱 land on one's feet 度过困境 in there pitching 努力奋斗 let grass grow under one's feet错过机会,怠惰 not so hot

    2011-12-09 编辑:Canace

  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会第93期:我得重新开始了

    一、边听边学 Listen and Learngoner 无可救药的人bomb 失败go over big 成功go up in smoke 消失from left field 意想不到地square one开端ballpark figure 大致的数目back to the drawing board 重做,重新思考二

    2011-12-15 编辑:Canace

  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会第95期:这是可靠的消息

    一、边听边学 Listen and Learnget wind of 得知,听说straight from the horse's mouth 来自可靠的消息get in on the ground floor 从一开始便参与以获得更多利益beat someone to the punch (draw) 比某人取得

    2011-12-26 编辑:Canace

  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会第96期:你有具体打算吗?

    一、边听边学 Listen and Learnhave sth in mind考虑到,打算have been to somewhere 到过某地window of the world 世界之窗not yet 还没有by the way 顺便问一下show sb. the way 给某人带路二、边听边说 Liste

    2012-01-07 编辑:Canace

  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会第105期:我简直冻僵了

    一、边听边学Listen and Learnfreezing treadmill 跑步机 a crust of bread 一块面包 a stick of gum 一片口香糖 a morsel 一口,少量 a speck of food 少量食物

    2012-01-30 编辑:Canace

  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会第101期:有加班费吗?

    一、边听边学Listen and Learnsedentary 久坐的,静坐的PR clerk 公关职员active job 能动的工作give full play to 充分发挥a handsome salary 可观的薪水get overtime pay 获得加班费二、边听边说Listen and Spea

    2012-01-14 编辑:Canace

  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会第106期:我简直冻僵了

    一、边听边学Listen and Learnfreezing 冷冻的,严寒的frozen 冻结的,冷酷的chill sb. to the bone使人感到寒气刺骨bone-chilling 寒气刺骨brass monkey 猴儿冷 , 特别冷wrap up warm穿暖和cold front 冷锋take a

    2012-01-30 编辑:Canace

  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会第97期:我们可以坐游览车

    一、边听边学Listen and Learntheme parks 主题乐园take a picture 拍照,照相ticket office 售票处over there 在那边tour cart 游览车no wonder 难怪二、边听边说Listen and SpeakA: Here we are at the park.我们

    2012-01-09 编辑:Canace

  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会第98期:翻开新的一页

    一、边听边学Listen and Learnturn over 翻阅,把…翻过来turn over a new leaf 重新开始,改过自新big talk 大话,吹牛have a big talk with sb. 和…认真谈话from scratch白手起家,从头做起二、边听边说Listen a

    2012-01-11 编辑:Canace

  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会第99期:管中窥“马”学表达

    一、边听边学Listen and Learnhold your horses 不要着急,耐心一点a horse of a different color 完全是另一回事look a gift horse in the mouth 对礼物吹毛求疵beat a dead horse 徒劳,白费口舌二、边听边说Lis

    2012-01-11 编辑:Canace

  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会第104期:与"龙"有关的成语

    龙腾虎跃:比喻奋起行动,有所作为。也形容热闹的气氛。dragons rising and tigers leaping; a scene of bustling activity bustling望子成龙:希望自己的子女能在学业和事业上有成就。to hope one's children

    2012-01-23 编辑:Canace

  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会第100期:"脂肪"那些事儿

    一、边听边学Listen and Learnfat chance 希望渺茫big fat liar 巨骗chew the fat 聊天in fat city 过富裕的生活二、边听边说Listen and SpeakJane is pretty and popular. You will have a fat chance of getting

    2012-01-12 编辑:Canace

  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会第102期:五味杂陈的"鸡蛋"

    一、边听边学Listen and Learnsunny-side up (煎蛋)仅煎一面的over easy 煎两面soft-boiled 半熟的hard-boiled 煮得老的poached egg 荷包蛋scrambled eggs 炒鸡蛋omelet 煎蛋卷二、边听边说Listen and Speak—How

    2012-01-18 编辑:Canace

  • [可可茶话会] 可可茶话会第107期:他要去找工作

    一、边听边学Listen and Learnpound the pavement找工作shoot the breeze 聊天get under one's skin 激怒某人up to here with sb.受够了put sb. on the spot 使某人尴尬give someone the third degree 盘问某人

    2012-02-03 编辑:Canace

  • [] 可可茶话会第107期:他要去找工作

    1970-01-01 编辑: