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教育文章精选_教育- 可可英语


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  • [VOA词汇大师] 词汇大师第33期:美国教育中的那些词汇

    INTRO: Some American teachers are appalled by language they're hearing in school. But as our Wordmasters Avi Arditti and Rosanne Skirble report, the offending words are not coming from students.M

    2011-12-27 编辑:Jasmine

  • [校园生活] 妈妈,硅谷风云三姐妹的第一位老师

    Her daughter Susan is the most powerful woman at Google (GOOG). Her daughter Anne started 23andMe, a company that dissects your DNA makeup. Her daughter Janet is a PhD anthropologist and epidemiologi

    2012-02-13 编辑:jasmine

  • [重点词汇] 雅思词汇:教育类相关词汇

    对于参加雅思考试的考生来说,面对词汇量的庞大要求,短期之内突破单词无疑是痛苦的事情,雅思考试词汇是基础,只有把基础夯实了才有可能取得好成绩,下面介绍与教育类相关的雅思考试词汇。  instruction, educa

    2012-02-13 编辑:rainbow

  • [雅思写作模拟题范文] 雅思写作范文:电脑与现代教育

      Are computers an essential feature of modern education? What subjects can be better taught using computers? Are there aspects of a good education that cannot be taught using computers?  题目解析

    2012-02-13 编辑:rainbow

  • [校园生活] 你家的教育是"虎妈"式,还是"放养"式

    Tiger Mother[qh]虎妈:望子成龙型[qh]The traditional Chinese way of supporting and pushing the child to realise his full potential. Tiger moms demand perfect grades because they believe that their chi

    2012-02-10 编辑:jasmine

  • [成长的烦恼第一季] 成长的烦恼》视听精讲第一季第13期:爸爸的老毛病又犯了


    2012-03-02 编辑:beck

  • [校园生活] 家庭教育:我家里有个"小皇帝"


    2012-03-21 编辑:jasmine

  • [教育] VOA视频:信息时代中的"另类"图书馆

    As libraries around the world transition from hardbound books to digital files, at California State University, Northridge, a massive infrastructure keeps things running.Behind the scenes, 13,000 boo

    2012-03-30 编辑:jasmine

  • [教育] VOA视频:超自然浪漫小说吸引各年龄段读者

    A movie version of Suzanne Collins' popular series of novels, "The Hunger Games," opens in U.S. theaters this month. It is expected to provide an even bigger boost to what has become one of the m

    2012-03-29 编辑:jasmine

  • [教育] VOA视频:Susan的动物图书获奖,呼吁关注早教

    Of all the books we read, perhaps the most important are those we read and color in our early years. They remain in our hearts and minds forever. Susan Stockdale - an award-winning children'

    2012-04-06 编辑:Jasmine

  • [教育] 新教育方法鼓励学生天天向上

    For the past decade, federal funding for education has been based on student performance on annual standardized tests. Now the Obama Administration is giving states more flexibility in measuring achi

    2012-03-28 编辑:jasmine

  • [教育] VOA视频:科学竞赛青睐年轻发明家

    A 17 year old from Fort Gratiot, Michigan, won this year's Intel Science Talent Search, the oldest and most prestigious science competition for high school students in the United States."

    2012-03-30 编辑:Jasmine

  • [教育] VOA视频:美国小学教育引入瑜伽课程

    A 17 year old from Fort Gratiot, Michigan, won this year's Intel Science Talent Search, the oldest and most prestigious science competition for high school students in the United States."

    2012-03-30 编辑:Jasmine

  • [教育] VOA视频:美国民权组织提高少数民族投票比重

    A leading civil rights organization in the United States is urging African-Americans to vote in November's presidential election - as a means of countering state laws the group says threaten

    2012-04-06 编辑:Jasmine

  • [教育] VOA视频:监狱大学,带来新生

    "I never imagined I would end up in prison," says Vivian Nixon. "I was supposed to go to law school, or be in some other profession. But I don't consider it a mistake. I consid

    2012-04-10 编辑:Jasmine

  • [教育] VOA视频:低年级学生使用网络教程

    Online education is growing, not only at the university level, but also in secondaryand elementary grades.Distance learning has helped students in rural areas take classes that otherwise would not ha

    2012-04-11 编辑:Jasmine

  • [教育] VOA视频:学习"给予"的力量

    They say children learn best by doing, by having a "hands-on" experience. A mother in Maryland took that advice to heart when she started "Food on the 15th," a non-profit program

    2012-04-16 编辑:Jasmine

  • [2007年1月] 教育:细说哈佛大学

    VOICE ONE: Welcome to THIS IS AMERICA in VOA Special English. I'm Steve Ember. VOICE TWO: And I'm Faith Lapidus. Women in American politics is our report this week. (MUSIC) VOICE ONE: Nanc..

    2007-01-25 编辑:admin

  • [新概念英语第三册Flash版] 教育:塔和云:云计算时代的高等教育


    2007-01-27 编辑:admin

  • [重点词汇] 雅思常用分类词汇:教育

      instruction, education 教育  culture 文化  primary education 初等教育  secondary education 中等教育  higher education 高等教育  the three R's 读、写、算  school year 学年  t

    2012-04-27 编辑:rainbow